PRIME Registry on-boarding requires participating practices to follow a few steps:

  1. Sign a data warehouse and business associate agreement (since the Registry extracts Protected Health Information (PHI).
  2. Work with our technology vendor, FIGmd, to install a small application on the practice's local server or cloud-based server that allows for read-only access to the practice's Electronic Health Record (EHR). The installation is handled over the phone and usually by a nurse or IT person (if available) at the practice.
  3. Verify with FIGmd that the EHR data are being pulled correctly. The relevant information could be in the notes field instead of the typical structured text fields, depending on each clinician's typical workflow. This process, known as "mapping" typically takes four, one-hour sessions scheduled at a convenient time with the practice point of contact. 

The PRIME Registry tool pulls patient data for each clinician's panel nightly, with no disruption to practice workflow, then calculates a robust set of clinical quality measures and displays them in a dashboard that practices access through any web browser. The dashboard is an easy to use tool to display the clinical quality measures at the clinician level, practice level, and even down to the individual patient level, to track patient care, and then target opportunities for improvement and follow up.


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